Thursday, March 15, 2012

Announcing the All New Law Firm of Gordon Scott Campbell Website   
Yes, I too have heard how websites are so 2011! But then again, I also heard how Facebook was supposed to have faded away into MySpace oblivion by now. 
Oh, and I just got a Twitter account as well: @gscLawFirm - come and follow me! Please. Okay, that sounds a bit desperate. 
So back to wonderful new site, it has lots of substantive content - its not just a big ad for the firm - with tons of links to law and policy materials by areas of law (yes, I know we now all have Google, and don't need those tedious pages of thousands of links anymore, but these are carefully chosen links all containing substantive legal content themselves), plus Ten Things You Need to Know About __________ Law in Canada sections. 
For instance, check out the Environmental Law page (the Then Things and Links buttons are at the bottom of the page): .
The new site covers criminal & regulatory defence law, tax law, customs & trade law, business dispute resolution law, immigration, refugee & citizenship law, environmental law, occupational health & safety law, privacy & information access law, as well as Aboriginal law. Happy browsing.


  1. I'd follow you anywhere. ANd wow, who's your designer? ;)

  2. Gordon, it sounds like you have a stalker. LOL Great website.

  3. More than one stalker. Fifteen pets (and more) also follow her.LOL. Very interesting website. And well designed.

  4. Hi Gordon! If I ever need an attorney in Canada you're my first choice! :)

    Nice website, BTW. But I think it needs a gecko pic on it somewhere. Just a little formal gecko pic down in the corner where people will not really notice anyway, unless they know you and Nat and the crew.