Friday, March 30, 2012

Yes, Even Law Blogs Can Have Contests!

Announcing the first ever Public Law Advocacy Blog contest! The one you've all been waiting for! I see other mostly non-law blogs have these great give aways, so I thought - why not my blog?

The rules are simple. Anytime prior to the 30th of April, 2012, you will automatically be entered if you both leave me a comment AND become a follower. Now, since I am a lawyer, let me point out the importance of the word "AND" here. Comment plus follower equals entry. For those who are already followers, you only need to leave me a comment.

And what, you are wildly speculating over, could be the sumptuous prize that a law blog could offer? Might it be original artwork? Jewelry? A puppy? (ok, the last one isn't p.c.). No, wait, it's way better than all that. It's a law book! In fact, not just one law book, but three law books! One book on international human rights, one on Canadian human rights, and one on Canadian criminal law. Excited yet?

You'll get the chance to win: No Distant Millennium - The International Law of Human Rights, written by John Humphrey (one of the Universal Declaration of Human Right's drafters and my prof at McGill) and published by UNESCO; The Charter of Rights and Freedoms - A Guide for Canadians (a surprisingly good booklet I acquired during one of my many government gigs); and Learning Canadian Criminal Procedure, by profs. Ron Delisle and Don Stuart at Queen's, two of the leading academics in the Canadian criminal law world. I will send them to you anywhere in the world you might happen to reside.

So don't delay. Enter today.


  1. i want a puppy. Wait, I think being your wife disqualifies me...

  2. A puppy sounds really good! But I do like to read as well and I would bet that a book is easier to mail. Count me in. I follow as well.

  3. At this point in my life I'm sorry to say I'd prefer law books to a puppy. Although jewelry and art are also nice.

    1. And in all its wisdom Google is making me comment as Kim but follow as Phyllis.

  4. I'm now an official follower. And (as you can see, in the follower photo) I'm lifting my glass to your good health! I already have "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms". It was sent to me, upon my request, by my MPP, in 1992. I would be very happy to win one of the other books. As a consolation prize, a photo of you, would be very nice. Thank you in advance.

  5. I already love your blog and follow it. No kittens as prizes? Geez, what kind of blog are you running here?

  6. Hi Gordon,

    what about a case of beer with the books?
    I was told is pretty "dry stuff" to read.:-) Original Artwork
    would be favoured by me!

  7. International Human rights PLUS two additional law books? Way better than a puppy! heh.

  8. I thought I already was a follower because I read this blog quite regularly. (OK not as regularly as Knat's but you have to admit she has more pictures). If I win, pick the one that has Law for Dummies as a subtitle...or I'll take a puppy.

    (I removed my previous post because I replied to a comment instead of creating a new comment...sigh...maybe I should remove myself from the contest on the grounds of general dumbness...(I'm following as dogmom, I don't know how that happened either. I'm going back to bed).